Association Document solutions provider for the real estate industry throughout Colorado
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What is ComDocPro?
ComDocPro, also know as Community Document Procurement Services, is an Association Document solutions provider for the real estate industry. If you're a real estate agent assisting the seller in a transaction who is required to obtain the Home Owners Association Documents per the real estate contract, we are here to assist with the procurement of these documents. We want to help make your process as easy and pain free as possible when obtaining these necessary documents.
Where is ComDocPro located?

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Land Title Guarantee Company, we are entirely owned and operated in the state of Colorado. Working with Land Title, we have been assisting real estate professionals, buyers & sellers for many years in Colorado and use our local knowledge to help better assist clients.

Why did Land Title make the switch from an in-house HOA Department to ComDocPro?

Due to the new requirements by the division of insurance, Land Title made the decision to start ComDocPro in hopes of better serving clients and customers with the necessary tools and assistance they require related to obtaining the Association Documents.

Stages of an Order with ComDocPro

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