Our services

Full Service
ComDocPro makes it easy to order and obtain Association Documents
for sellers with no lengthy online forms, a flat service
rate for obtaining your documents and the cost of the HOA package,
pre-paid by the responsible party using our online portal,
keeping your process fast and simple. 
DIY Option
Do It Yourself - with help from ComDocPro. The most cost-effective way
for a seller to procure the Association Documents required by the contract
is to order or retrieve those documents themselves from their HOA.
ComDocPro is more than happy to help guide sellers in this process.


Full Service
$90.00 Service Charge Per HOA
Plus cost incurred to obtain documents from the HOA
*These fees will appear on the final settlement statement
to be paid at the time of closing.
No Charge for DIY Option
With our DIY option, we'll provide you with
documents to help assist you in the procurement
of your Association Docs at no charge.


ComDocPro will need a minimum of 15 business days from contract date for the
Association Document Deadline. If your order is within that timeframe,
your ComDocPro team may request an Amend Extend to ensure the documents
are delivered in a timely manner.
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